Locating Firms With Both SEO and Saas Expertise

As use of the internet and technology moves into traditional business processes, SEO and SaaS has been increasing.
SEO is shorthand for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process that can improve rankings for companies, and drive traffic to your site. SaaS is shorthand for Software As A Service. This generally means that software is licensed to a company on a subscription basis. The software is not necessarily hosted by the subscriber.

Individuals are most familiar with SEO and keywords. Small business may look at this as a way to have information regarding where their information is listed after a Google search. SaaS, on the other hand, a company would be interested in SaaS because they could access software packages on a pay as you go basis or as a subscription.

What kind of software is available through a provider of SaaS? Software for office productivity (Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365) is available through this methodology. More importantly, companies can use SaaS technology for storage and backup of their company data in a secure environment.

If your company develops solutions through collaboration via conferencing, instant messaging and e-mails or if employees are sharing files that must be kept in sync, SaaS can be a viable opportunity for you.

If your informational technology needs are growing or if you have a concept that you need software programming for, you might be best served by finding a consulting firm to do the work.

How do you find a competent firm to help you? Build a list of possible firms from your own list of business contacts. Use job search website like monster.com, glassdoor.com or indeed.com to find companies that are hiring software professionals with job title such as “software engineer” or “software analyst”.

Before you contact these firms, know what you want to accomplish with their help. Use that as a guide to interviewing consulting or contract firms. Ask specifically what their experience with SEO and SaaS is. Ask for references that include jobs like the one you want done. Ask to review resumes of their consultants.

Because SEO and SaaS is relatively new, you should be looking for firms and individuals that combine software programming and business experience and have a reasonable list of clients. Don’t take a company’s sales pitch literally. If you’re going to embark on a project that embraces SEO and SaaS, you need to have experienced individuals working for and with you.

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